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Little Explorers Logo

Little Explorers Logo

Hopper Design Studio was approached to create a logo for the Premier Athletics Little Explorers program. The program provides classes and training for small children in the areas of gymnastics and sports. They wanted the logo to be kid-like but also have the professionalism of their brand. With that in mind, Rockwell was chosen as the type face. This is a very versatile font that can be used for headlines and logos while still having just a hint of the kid like feel they were going for.

Towards the end of the project when we got the font layout finalized, they asked to add in some kids that showed the various activities that the classes promote. The illustrations were created to imitate a children’s drawing. The Logo can be used with or without the kids in it depending on the nature of the project. The design turned out great and the client was very pleased with the outcome.

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